Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: MenoPaws “Time to Grow Up and Get Real Jobs”

            Three is the magic number, oh yes it is.   If you don’t believe me, or the School House Rock song once covered by Blind Melon, then look no further than to this cassette for proof.

            This cassette features three fast paced, screamo type hardcore songs that remind me of a throat punch.   Each side of this cassette is three minutes in length, and the three songs do the 2/1 split, as the first two songs are about a minute and a half each and then the third (on a side by itself) is a full three minutes.

            What I find funniest about this cassette, which has nothing to do with the music or anything, is that it was sent without a case inside a standard sized envelope (not business size, but smaller even)  Somehow, you’d expect this to have shown up crushed, but no, cassettes are stronger than you will ever know.

            Oh, and going with the rule of threes here, instead of giving MenoPaws the single dollar they want for this cassette, you should give them $3 or forever feel badly about yourself.  

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