Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: [scattered purgatory] “BURIAL CHAMBER SESSIONS” (Valeur d’usage Records)

            Often times, I see the cassette or band name and that somehow influences the way that I hear the music coming out of it, and well, yeah, that kind of happened here.  If I had been given this without any labels, I may have come to the same conclusion though, so it might just be a matter that this is all just so fitting.

            The first thing I can hear in this ambient music is the minimal sound of ghosts screaming.  If that doesn’t somehow relate to either or the two names up there then I’m not sure how else to tell you to interpret it.  (By the by, my Dad informed me that it is not purgatory which no longer exists, but rather limbo, in accordance with the Catholic Church)  There are some electric guitar notes of doom, but this also becomes quiet and noise at the same time.

            There are more than a few instances on here when I am under the impression that the side is over, but it has just gotten really quiet and does come back.   That also reminds me of what people must think purgatory is like in some ways, right?   

            But between the quiet, psychedelic guitar rattling and drums destructing, it is quite possible that scattered is a good word to describe this.  Though for some reason I cannot fully explain with words, this cassette also reminds me a lot of the movie “Dances with Wolves”.    Regardless, I just really like the mixture here and this should be listened to by most, if not all.  

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