Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Best Buy Welcomes You to the Neighborhood “Best New Music” (Collected Recordings)

            First and foremost, I must make mention to the fact that this has cover art that is a review from Pitchfork and while I’m not sure whether it was an actual review or not, it is quite cool.  It makes people think you were reviewed by Pitchfork even if you really weren’t, yet some people might actually go search to see if this review is real (band name + Pitchfork will do it), but I won’t do it personally—even for researching the review—because this laptop does not go to Pitchfork.   Ever.  

            In fact, this review will probably somehow be the most exposure Pitchfork gets on this site, so whoever runs that site should send a check to Best Buy Welcomes You to the Neighborhood now.   Or a court order, if they’re not cool with me mentioning them by name because, well, reading reviews at Pitchfork is like saying, “Hey, a skunk sprayed its stink on me.  Let me get clean by wiping that skunk’s ass all over myself”. 

            What I like about Best Buy Welcomes You to the Neighborhood are the beats.  There is a piano loop that starts us off, and the beats just flow throughout in a manner which cannot be replicated by anyone in this scene.

            As this becomes trance, I can hear the record play some R&B, which is quite a surreal moment because the record is playing on a cassette (whoa).   Triumphant synth comes out that reminds me of Nas and if people don’t play out of their car speakers then what is the point of having a car stereo that costs more than your car?

            The highlight of Side B comes in a single line being uttered repeatedly, while also being sliced up and played in various ways.   That line:  “You are my sweetest downfall”.   Indeed. 

            From start to finish, this is just a great cassette that I didn’t know quite what to expect from going into it, so I’d pleasantly surprised but that always makes me feel like I’m underrating it and this is just so much better than that.  

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