Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Jeremiah Fisher “MartyrBoys”

            If you think that the music of Jeremiah Fisher is electronic, then you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, however there are some more organic sounds coming through these tracks as well, which makes for quite an interesting blend of field recordings/noise/household item sounds mixed with that electro beats vibe.

            As much as I can hear something that sounds like bucket drumming, I can also hear seapunk glitches coming through.  It’s an interesting contrast, as it’s sort of the electric vs. acoustic only this takes it to a whole other level because it’s not really so much an acoustic guitar as it would be just something much more organic.   It’s hard to compare it to something other than, you know, bucket drumming versus playing a kit in a studio (or a drum machine, for the purposes of seapunk)

            There is something I can only describe as bagpipe drone (no joke), and then some clicking comes out to pick up the pace.  This takes us to the end of the first side, and the second side has more of an overall vibe that reminds me of Flight of the Bumblebee drone.

            Overall, this is not like what you’re used to hearing, but it is.   You can take two different styles of music that I prefer to hear on cassette, and combine them to the extent where they somehow work, and then create this magnificent piece of art. 

            I’d try to make one of these elements, and then combine the two so it didn’t feel like it was lacking something, but there is no way I could ever have it wind up sounding this good.  

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