Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: DURA “Silver / Lawns” (Wounded Knife)

            Sometimes, the perfect song writes itself, because sometimes things do take time and should be hard, but sometimes they should also just fall into place almost magically.   (I realized I just typed the word “sometimes” three times in the first sentence alone)

            I’m not sure about the “Silver” part, but DURA has an ambient quality with electric guitar strumming that definitely makes me think of the “Lawns” part.  Montages of different lawns I’ve been on- playing, lying, passed out, whatever- float through my head as I listen to this cassette.

            It can border on FNL and also get loopy (in the way that it loops, not in the other meaning) so overall it just reminds me of being in freshly grown soft grass on a sunny day, perhaps reading, perhaps without a care in the world.  

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