Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: German Army “T’rung” (Lighten Up Sounds)

             I watch quite a bit of professional wrestling and have since 1992.  In wrestling, they have what are called catchphrases and wrestlers (or their managers) come out and say almost the same few lines on a nightly basis.   You can do your own Google search for lists of catchphrases, but most recently the one that comes to mind is of mastermind Paul Heyman, who likes to introduce himself by saying “My name is Paul Heyman and I am an advocate for Brock Lesnar”. 

            This is only really relevant because I feel like I have catchphrases when writing and one of them is about how I enjoy cassettes but even more so I enjoy artists who go out of their way to have all of their releases (or multiple releases anyway) on cassette.   German Army is one of those artists, so with their recent Field Hymns release, and then finding out that they had this tape as well I immediately fell in love.

            I enjoy my tape collection- I really do.  But I also enjoy when I can put tapes together by the same artist because there are a number of bands who have the theory that they’ll put out one tape just for the novelty or because it’s not expensive and then they move on.   I’m fine with that, but I love what I like to call the repeat offenders (By the way, “Repeat Offender” is an album by Richard Marx I got on cassette when it was originally released)

            Is this review jumping around, from pro wrestling to Richard Marx?  Sure, but that’s what you get from German Army as well.  The slower vocals of someone like Lou Reed, to beats to ambience to audio clips to just whatever else you can think of, but still kept under the same general umbrella of sound that just makes it that much more fun to listen to on the whole.  

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