Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: pcrv / developer split (factotumtapes)

            The pcrv/developer split cassette is about five minutes and so while it is more like a cassingle, I do still enjoy the fact that it is a nice introduction to both of these artists which I hope to hear more from in the future.   (Of course, as I type that I have two other splits with developer awaiting review)

            Side A- pcrv- which is a little under five minutes is full of beeping, static and lasers.   There are split second bursts of vocal sampling and it just makes you think of this as being a fragment of a larger piece of music, but not in a bad way as it doesn’t at all feel incomplete.   There is also some pretty sharp feedback in here, and as far as experimental artists along these lines go, I do like this pcrv, even if it is only a brief introduction to them.

            Side B offers up my first taste of developer, who is screeching noise that does grow quieter, at least on this track.   It has this really fun machine gun sound to it as well, which just makes me like it even more because I always enjoy someone who isn’t afraid to do something to stand out, something to make sure you remember their music for doing that thing. 

            This is a good cassette you should own because it gives you a listen to both of these artists and if you’ve never heard them before, this will sort of sell you on them and if you have heard them before then you already know why this is most excellent.  

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