Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Nundata “What is Residue” (Personal Archives)

            I’m never really sure what to expect when I press play on a cassette, but being from Personal Archives I was ready for this to be good.  We begin with some static and some sort of spoken word as well.   It’s quite strange, but I like strange because I, myself, am quite strange.   It becomes noisy as well as frequency changes and it sounds like music that I’ve heard before, yet still not.  You can only play the same guitar chords so many times, in so many different manners before you wind up sounding like something that already exists.  Yet, changing frequencies like this—you could almost do this an infinite number of ways and never exactly sound the same.

            There also exists on Side A this certain amount of noise that reminds me of something between a chainsaw (“Chainsaw Symphony” would make an excellent band name and/or cassette title, if it doesn’t already exist… if it does exist, someone email me as such), a bumblebee (Though not “Flight of the Bumblebee”) and the movie “Wall-E”, if only because I’ve been watching that movie too often lately at the request of my two-year old son. 

            So on some levels, yes; this could be what it sounded like if Wall-E, as a trash collecting robot, was to make his own cassette of sorts.   Side B likes to wuh wuh wuh wuh and that just furthers my belief.   Though I won’t entirely look at Nundata as being “the artist who sounds like Wall-E”, but deep down inside of me I will always feel happy when I see the name Nundata because I will associate it with Wall-E.

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