Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Inside the Wardian Case – A Fern Records Compilation (Fern Records)

            Much like a mixed tape, a compilation needs to have a certain flow to it.   What you ultimately need to be looking for is that the songs all seem to fit together nicely, yet though they are by different bands it needs to still feel as if perhaps they could be all played by the same band.   This compilation does have that feel to it, though the one band capable of playing all of these various songs must be one amazing band.  (Not for greenhorns)

            Some notes right off include the fact that the band on here called Toast is no longer called “Toast” and have since changed their name to Yowzah.  Naomi ( has no tracks up on her Bandcamp page unless she changed addresses.  And the Varisty address of has been changed to simply 

            You know what though; you can go through the individual bands, search Bandcamp and discover all of this stuff for yourself.  What you need to know about this is the music.   Really, this compilation doesn’t encapsulate any specific genre and I like it that way.  From indie rock to math rock to punk, it can have some really good singing or even just be instrumental.   

          I always feel strange saying this, since I’m supposed to know about every band that either does exist or has ever existed, but I only ever heard of one of these bands prior to listening to this cassette.  I’m not too proud to admit that though, especially since that just means that there are more artists on here for me to enjoy in the grand scheme of things because, yes, I have already been downloading music by who was once Toast and N. Penston, who both opens and closes this cassette.

            What I also find most interesting is that the band I knew going into this was Taking Meds and I distinctly remember not liking them for whatever reason.  (They probably have an unfavorable review up somewhere on this site, but I won’t look for it or link it)  Yet, when their song kicks off Side B, it isn’t repulsive but rather gives me some energy is just a nice way to get the second half of this compilation going.

            It seems hard to put together a compilation- on cassette no less- that has a genuine flow to it with bands that you will enjoy, regardless of whether you’ve heard them before or not, and on top of that it will make you want to actively seek out more music by these artists regardless of how seemingly full your plate might be.   Fern Records has made this seem so easy, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder than my just typing it and having it thus come to fruition.  

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