Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: ohio unsemble / josiah miller split (factotumtapes)

            When I got to this cassette from factotumtapes and saw two others from them, both splits as well, I had to look to see if factotumtapes released only splits (which I admit would be kind of cool), but alas, they do have tapes for single artists, including but not limited to ohio unsemble and even developer.  (This is also my only cassette from factotumtapes right now which doesn’t have developer on it)

            We begin Side A with ohio unsemble and it has the sound of the ringing in your ears, as if someone is talking about you.   I’ve only ever heard this noise in my head before and I’m sure others have as well, so how you extract it from your mind and put it onto cassette is beyond me, but bravo for pulling it off.   This also has what I like to call “bad strings” because it is as if a stringed instrument isn’t being played poorly so much as it is just hitting notes in all of the unconventional places and so most people would not appreciate that (then again, I am not most people)

            On Side B, josiah miller offers up two tracks that have some strings in them as well, but mostly they have the improv/acid jazz type of horns that I like, which makes me think that even though this isn’t explicitly stated to be recorded live (as the first side is), I do feel as if it still could have been recorded in one take.   This sort of made up on the spot jazz type sound has been done quite a few times, but I might not ever grow tired of hearing it.   Since it has the improvisation feel to it, you never know what’s quite going to happen and I really do believe that also helps to make each time it is done so unique.

            Strings and horns highlight these two improvised experimental noise artists and if you are a fan of this genre, and enjoy it ever so much on cassette, then this is a perfect fit for you.  

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