Friday, April 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Niels Hesse “7 Instrumente” (Dead Vox)

            It is hard to completely describe these instrumental pieces by Niels Hesse.   They are quiet and ambient, though sometimes they pick up certain noises.  I like them, but I’m just not getting any real vibe out of them—no visuals, which is strange for me. 

            There are some robotic type guitar noises on the second side, and that brings out either lasers or chirping.  This all takes us from a guitar hum into a chaotic sounding Megatron bit to end a tape which doesn’t actually seem to have much going on before that.

            So even if it doesn’t exactly paint me a picture, at least it does start off slow and pretty and build to an eventual end and destruction.  I will always respect that.  

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