Friday, April 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: AUXPAN & Oberdada von Brutal (Falk)

            AUXPAN is back, this time splitting with a different sort of experimental noise band.   I don’t need to read the linear notes to know that this is recorded live because I can hear people making noises in the background, in a cheering/clapping sort of manner.

            The AUXPAN side is full of this rusty guitar loop; only the guitar is electric where as I usually hear this sort of sound from an acoustic guitar.   The crowd really seems receptive and why shouldn’t they.   This is some fine music by AUXPAN and whether or not it is improvised I do not know, but I didn’t really look it up because to me it really doesn’t have any actual bearing as to how good it is.

            Oberdada von Brutal on the other side has a sort of dark noise sound, over which words are being spoken in a foreign language and I do not want to guess what it is.   I am not up to date on many of my dialects, though perhaps I should be, but all I really can tell you about what he’s saying is how he’s saying it: he’s angry.  From there, we turn into an audio loop of a woman moaning during sex and, well, it just gets uncomfortable but can imagine why this might have been effective if done live.

            I like AUXPAN, after hearing two halves of tapes of theirs now, and even though I feel like Oberdada is into a little bit of the shock noise, I still like it and feel as if there is a place for it because, well, why not.  

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