Friday, April 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: AMFJ / AUXPAN Split cassette (Yatra Arts)

            Between these two sides and artists, I can tell after the first listen through that this is going to be one of those splits where the pair gets together because of their similarities.   I will refrain from the typical “they sound similar, but not the same” speech I’ve been known to give perhaps too many times.

            What starts on the AMFJ side is some of the most destructively brilliant music that I have ever heard, and it just makes me happy to be able to type the words “destructively brilliant”.    It’s heavy, but there are acoustic guitar string being plucked and it’s like something out of an instrumental Nine Inch Nails, only not… it’s just so much more.   To say it’s brooding is an understatement and this is just some of the best music I have ever heard no matter what genre or label or category you see fit to file it in. 

            The AUXPAN side of this is a little bit lighter, and through the different noises you’ll find the most prominent seems to be this sort of chirping noise that I’ve interpreted as the squeak of a sneaker on a basketball court.  It’s kind of interesting in its own right, because it sounds like someone could have recorded the audio of a basketball game, paused after a split second and put it on a loop.  This continues to make me think that it will one time jump the skip and we’ll hear the otherwise sounds of a basketball game, but alas we do not.

            Admittedly, it would be hard for anyone to follow up what I heard on the AMFJ side, but the way that AUXPAN has managed to distract me with daydreams of a sporting event I never attended seems to have done the trick, so bravo to both artists and both sides.  

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