Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Meta Mora “Prismatic”

            When I listen to Side A of “Prismatic”, I can hear the ambient sounds that mix so well with FNL and begin to feel like I’ve heard this one before.  The beeping kicks in on a tone type loop and I am reminded that all music is the same, it is just delivered differently and with the ambience of this particular cassette it is about what I’m seeing more than hearing.

            The spatial bliss I experience reminds me of being on a carousel.  It seems cliché, as I think about it, because you’re usually outside and go around in circles, like a loop, but it does have that have feel to it without the generic clown sounding music you would equate to a carousel.   Though by the end of Side A, I can hear some haunting sounds come out ala ghost static and thus my attention is once again shifted to a haunted amusement park, which is cool.

            Side B delivers ambient waves with some underlying sonar vibes and it makes me think that this whole dream takes place underwater.  Could the lost city of Atlantis have an amusement park?  I don’t see why it wouldn’t.   Could this amusement park have been haunted?   Can ghosts survive underwater?  Actually, since ghosts don’t need to breathe I don’t see why not, unless if it’s one of those gas vs. liquid issues.

            In any event, this is certainly raising some interesting questions and making for a great movie unfolding in my mind, which is often times the best reward of all.  

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