Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Levity “Light Is Falling” (Enemata Productions / Capture the Cobra)

            When I listen to Levity, I can hear a number of different bands from the cassette era (right before grunge, but almost on that cusp of it) come through and I do like them all, which is why I think I immediately fell in love with this tape.  It brings out some newer elements as well, but the pre-CD vibe of it just makes me feel like this was released in something like 1991 or 1992, though it has modern touches.

            Right away I want to say that this is somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Peter Frampton.   There are synth parts mixed over the static drone and it just feels like something I can’t place.  If only musically, elements of Bush are coming through, and that might only be because this is how I remember sounding when trying to play the songs of Bush on guitar as a teen.

            It can get pretty instrumental and it can also become fairly somber.  The overall vibe of this cassette, though it can pick up its pace, seems to be one of a day of reckoning.   By the end I hear hints of early Local H come out (their first album) and it can become somewhat psychedelic, but it is still just so, so good. 

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