Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Take on New York Mets Opening Day 2014

Bryce Harper gets kicked in the head by Eric Young Jr.
               On Opening Day 2014 the New York Mets lost to the Washington Nationals, but there are some lessons to be learned here as despite the loss the Mets played a great game overall.   I watched the game on Sports New York (SNYtv) and have to say that the entire time I was, obviously, cheering on the Mets and hoping for them to pull off the victory.

                As most Mets fans can look at this in a pessimistic manner, I stepped aside from it and chose to see it through the eyes of a Nationals fan, who I believe should perhaps be more disappointed with the showing on Monday night, wins and losses aside.

                In the top of the seventh inning, the Nationals had a man walked to load the bases.  They then had another man walked to bring in the tying run, making the score 4-4.   Like most Mets fans, I was biting my nails waiting for them to somehow get out of the inning and this rather threatening situation.

                However, looking back at it from the perspective of a Nationals fan, you can’t help but feel like the words missed opportunity should be used here.   The Nationals had bases loaded (twice) and failed to score more than the tying run, which the Mets were mostly responsible for with the walk.

                One way of looking at it is that the Mets were lucky to get out of the inning with only the small amount of runs scored, but another way is simply say that the Nationals blew it.  Granted, they eventually got the win, but what does it say about them as a team when they had a chance to score up to four runs and didn’t?  If not a grand slam, surely a run or two could have been scored by one of their batters.

                Had the Nationals been able to score runs on their own in the seventh inning, they may not have even had the need for extra innings, as they could have pulled ahead and won the game right there.  The fact that the Nationals were unable to do so, and that the Mets held them at bay, gives me hope for the team going forward and doesn’t make me feel so badly in defeat.  

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