Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sea King “Prisoners Dilemma” (Nomadic Behavior Records)

            While Sea King would appear to be a one man rock band, there are sometimes multi-instruments being played which could lead me to believe otherwise.   The parts where there seems to be a full band though are a lot less it would seem than when this comes off as simply a folk/twee type of project, which can be used to sit around a campfire when you are depressed.

            I’ve got the music somewhere between Daniel Johnston and Beck, and that’s probably the best place to put it.  I have never listened to Beck on cassette before, though I do believe his music would sound good on any medium, but Daniel Johnston basically created music for cassettes, so this has a way of working out pretty well I’d say.

            The biggest factor I can’t help but noticing and needing to point out on this cassette though is the theme that seems to be present throughout the lyrics on both sides.  These songs seem to be religious in the sense that he talks about how our body is only temporary and then also he mentions a lot about being a sinner and all that.   I even enjoy the term from the second side of “pseudo spiritual”, but I don’t know if I would use that as a genre name or anything.

            Saying something talks about religion can be dangerous ground to tread on because it has the connotations that you might perhaps come off sounding like something that people don’t want to hear.  This isn’t preachy by any means though.  He is not telling you to go to church and he is not trying to convert you or anything either.   It’s more of a philosophical reflection on life in general and sometimes, yeah, God does happen to come up, but from what I can only guess a lot of people probably believe in God.

            So it’s refreshing in a way to hear these lyrics and feel like they have some sturdy legs to stand on in an intelligent, meaningful and important manner, yet the accompanying music is better than what you could ask for because it is seemingly formed to fit the cassette perfectly.  

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