Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Harvey Dent “Harvey Dent EP” (Interstate 8 Records)

            I like Harvey Dent.  In fact, I’ve always liked Harvey Dent.  Whether it is as a villain in the DC Universe or as a band, I just think Harvey Dent is cool.    And these songs on their self-titled EP are a mixture of screamo and that fine line between indie rock and math rock.

            When you think of screamo, you might think more of emotion than the power of being able to play your instruments, but Harvey Dent kicks off the second side of this tape with an instrumental number which just proves that they can hold their own when playing songs with talent.

            In some ways, this is like a faster version of Silent Drive (In the way that the vocals are stretched out, but Harvey Dent definitely has more of a punk quality to them than Silent Drive, who in their own right does have punk rock qualities)   I’ve said it before, but I really do feel as if hardcore slept for a while and now it is awake again. 
            This cassette just further proves my theory that hardcore can exist on cassette and still sound amazing and hardcore in general is not dead but only growing stronger.   Bring back the hardcore demo tape, y’all!!

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