Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: filth / developer split (factotumtapes)

            On my first exposure to filth and third outing with developer, I can begin to see the resemblance with these two, and thus why they would be paired together for a split. 

            Side A brings out what can only be best described as a video game set in space.  The overall sound is spatial, yet there are sounds of missiles firing as well.  This is over the general destruction and static of noise, so it isn’t really what you would refer to as 8bit or even a clear video game soundtrack.   Regardless, it is good and I do enjoy enough to want to find other tapes by filth now.

            Side B delivers a melee of noise from developer that begins with crickets chirping and then goes into a lot of static and other noises before finally resting in this sort of strange not-quite-video-game atmosphere.   Oh, and there’s also this loop that’s somewhere between an old fashioned telephone being dialed and the purr of a robotic kitten.   This all comes to a close with what sounds like a pinball machine being obliterated and that’s kind of cool as well. 

            I have never felt this way about any piece of music before, but I will tell you for the first time that I want to get another of these tapes and play them at the same- only opposite sides- and see what it sounds like because it almost feels as if they’re having some sort of video game competition we’re not being told about.  

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