Friday, April 18, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dabbler “Vol. 2”

            When the music of Dabbler kicks in on Side A, you are taken on a musical odyssey.  With a name like Dabbler, I kind of expected this band to dabble more into different genres, but in hindsight I guess that would have sounded awful and I enjoy the fact that they’re sticking with the rock.

            A distorted cloud of fuzz comes out and recalls anything from High Pop to Nirvana (“Nevermind” and prior)  There is a certain amount of craziness ala the B-52’s, and while it can get instrumental at times, there are also a lot of just straight up killer guitar riffs.  In that sense it reminds me of something a little more classic such as Mott the Hoople.

            As we journey through five songs of about “normal” length, we go into Side B with only one really long song taking up the whole time slot.  It’s instrumental through, goes faster at times than others and could easily be a jam session but mostly reminds me of how sometimes bands can drift from their charted course when playing songs live to extend them for whatever reason. 

            It is most certainly an interesting way of splitting this tape, but really it just rocks all the way through no matter how you slice it and thus is something worth hearing.    

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