Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: camo tapes “Pink”

            I’m not sure if there is an official order to these three cassettes, though it might be deduced from the Bandcamp page, but I’m listening to this one second just because… well, I really don’t have a reason for why I chose the order that I chose—I just did.

            This cassette does have some audio clips sampled on it, sure, but unlike the first it does seem to be more instrumental than anything else.  The first audio clip is about winning championships and sometimes having friendly rivalries but still remaining teammates.  I’m not entirely certain who it is speaking, but I’m going to guess Kobe Bryant if I had to guess.

            These smooth jams are more on the side of jazz though than the actual audio clips being sampled and all, so this is a nice change of pace from the “Green” cassette, though it still does have similar qualities to it. 

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