Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: camo tapes “Desert”

            Much like a book on tape, I am into the third cassette in this series now and it is a bit more like the “Green” cassette than the “Pink” one.   This actually makes me happy that I decided to listen to these in the order that I did because as it turns out putting “Pink” in the middle helped to sort of break things up on some level.

            The audio clips on here have one guy talking on Side A about how he’s worked with the Chili Peppers and Mars Volta, and maybe that just put the idea of the RHCP into my head, but then someone gets talking from the end of Side A into Side B (It literally just cuts off and then picks back up)  Though he is talking about becoming avante garde and electronic, which he says helped him transition into hip-hop, he still sounds a lot to me like Flea and I just find that whole concept to be… odd/disturbing.

            My favorite part of this cassette though, and possibly any of these three cassettes, is the following exchange, which I will leave you with.   These three cassettes go for $15 via the Bandcamp link, and they are worth every single penny.   You should probably be paying more for these.  And, no, you cannot buy them individually, and once you hear them it will make perfect sense as to why.   Okay, here is my favorite audio clip moment:

Guy: “Do that thing with your instruments where it sounds like you’re talking back and forth to each other”

Musician: “Fuck you”

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