Friday, March 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Teen Brigade “August (and everything after)” (Holy Infinite Freedom Revival Records)

                Teen Brigade has taken a page out of the Counting Crows playbook, but it is worth noting that the first side of this cassette is album called “August” that is nine songs and the second side is a separate album called “(and everything after)” which is ten songs.    It is indeed two tapes in one.

                At times, this can be pretty chaotic.  It can feel unorganized and make you frustrated because it kind of blurs those lines between being experimental and just plain bad.   But it brings you back rather quickly, as sometimes the songs do have some sort of order and thus display that Teen Brigade does in fact know what he is doing. 

                There are a lot of drumbeats, guitar notes and at times I hear Mario jumping so in addition to everything else this is 8bit at its core or at least on some level.   But the fact is, regardless of how I describe this one to you, it is just good.   A lot of things happen over the course of these two sides and while you may not appreciate them at first listen, you will grow to like them. 

                This is also the perfect type of self-recorded sounding one man indie rock band mixed with lo-fi video game sound that is so ideal for being experienced  via cassette. 

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