Friday, March 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Jungle Heart “burn dem” (cae-sur-a)

                Jungle Heart is a collaboration between SHED and TUMUL and the results are somewhat along the lines of what you’d expect, yet not. 

                The first side begins ambient and almost channels The X-Files before bringing out noises that make me think of space.  It becomes very much resembling that, as I can clearly begin to see the cosmos.    Within a short time though, I can begin to hear Darth Vader’s breathing pattern and then it becomes quite robotic before going bum bum, getting quiet and ending the side.

                As we flip to the next side, we begin with something that reminds me of Pink Panther for some reason.   The music then takes an unexpected turn, as we become less noise and have more sort of song structures and almost dare I say melody.   It becomes crushing, but it also becomes hardcore in ways at the same time, in the way an experimental indie rock band might sound.

                I do enjoy the TUMUL and SHED tapes both, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to me that I like this one too.   You should really just have all three of these tapes, taken an afternoon and listen to them all in a row until you have a revelation. 

Note: cae-sur-a appears to no longer be a functioning label, but this tape it available through the Carbon Records Mail Order here:

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