Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Taiga “Musike Cassette III”

                My second go around with Taiga feels a bit different than the first.  Side A is one song that goes for about a half hour.   It has a lot of different movements to it though, so I really like the fact that it can change tempos without having to change the overall sound to much, yet it also doesn’t really stay drone.

                Through a triangle and space lasers, we head into whirrs like the movie “Psycho” and then the tones come in.   For some reason, this really reminds me of the sound of air and I just feel like that is perhaps the best overall way to describe Taiga or at least just this particular cassette. 

                We get into synth next (After a magic lake flute) and I’m  reminded first of the obvious Knight Rider reference, but somewhat quickly find my way into thinking about Robocop (there are sirens) and then even Demolition Man, which is just amazing because no music has ever taken me there before but rightfully someone should have by now.

                It builds up like an instrumental Stabbing Westward, just demonstrating how this whole piece comes together and just seems to be on a general incline, and then there are what we call hollow vocals to finish it off.   The best part perhaps is that after listening to this masterpiece come alive on Side A, you get to literally hear it come to life on Side B as that is a live version of it. 

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