Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Clearing “Let Go” (Solid Melts)

                “Let Go” is my second introduction to Clearing and what I find to be true of my first introduction on “Stride” still remains here.   This still has all of the ambience and synth and all of the sort of similar sounds- or being made with the same instruments- as before only this time it does have a different overall feel to it.

                I enjoy the fact greatly that artists can release multiple pieces of music, and especially multiple cassettes, but my hardest struggle with reviewing more than one cassette by the same artist is that I never know what to say that I haven’t covered in the first review.  A lot of it could easily be broken down into, “Still good” or something along the idea that if you liked their other music you will like this.

                Subliminally, if nothing else, “Let Go” has placed a seed inside of my head based on the title that has helped me to distinguish this from “Stride”.   There are parts of this that sound angelic, yet in other ways it does also sound like the heavens are opening you up to welcome you.

                Whether it is the intention or not, I feel like there is a very Buddhist quality to this cassette as it seemingly wants you to let go of your possessions, your grudges, your misplaced feelings—everything really- and that is either preparation for the afterlife or simply because it will help you to not feel so weighed down. 

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