Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: New Diet “Basement Minded Thoughts” (Already Dead Tapes)

                I like New Diet.  When I saw on Band Camp that there was a New Diet cassette out I knew that I had to have it.  When I found out that it was put out by Already Dead Tapes, it made me even more excited.  I’m thinking, this label is releasing music I like but am finding through them, but now they’re releasing something I’ve already heard of but like. 

                I’m not going to directly say that my liking New Diet has directly resulted in this cassette being released, but it always funny to me when these coincidences come up.  Not too long after I posted a review of a certain band, I saw one of my music friends listening to them a lot on Spotify. 

                New Diet has a rock sound that verges on many different types of rock.   They’re slow, building distortion like Hum, yet also can bring out a classic like Zeppelin.   At-The-Drive-In, Piebald, Casket Lottery, Weezer, Lynyrd Skynyrd and even Alice in Chains all come out at times and that’s just on the fast paced, wild guitar filled first side. 

                The second side gets a little slower, a bit more trippy like the Flaming Lips.  It also brings out some bliss guitar and then transitions into Raidohead and Nirvana like sounds.   Even The Benjamins come out on the second side. 

                Thing is, whatever I compare this, all of the bands rock and are bands that I like.  So if you’ve somehow made it to this website without yet knowing about New Diet, now you know. 

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