Monday, March 24, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Taiga “The Freefone Tapes”

                Many of the sounds heard on “The Freefone Tapes” could be described as oriental, but that might only be because many of the same sounds come from the xylophone.    I do believe that this is how this particular tape got its name, in the sense that the “freefone” perhaps refers to the xylophone.

                You know what’s funny when you have a kid?  Whenever you’re trying to teach them the alphabet, everything always says “x” is for xylophone, probably because x-rays have become so dangerous and more learning toys want to teach music over possible radiation, but anyway, I digress.

                It has been a good number of times that music has come back to its core at mathematics, but it doesn’t always take the same stride towards science.  “The Freefone Tapes” has this sort of winding guitar tone once most of the Chinese buffet sound is diminished and it can fairly easily be equated to The Doppler Effect.  

                So there you have it.   Science beats math in this round, but hey, math is still what makes up all of music, so overall, math will always win.   (2 + 2 will always = 4, but Pluto is only a planet sometimes)

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