Monday, March 24, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Clearing “Stride” (I Had An Accident)

                There are quite a few releases by Clearing, but “Stride” is my introduction to them if only because of my choice at the time to say “I’ll do this tape first” out of the lot of them.   In many ways, yeah, it was simply the luck of the draw.

                What I’ve come to know about Clearing is that they are a one word band name and this is a one word album title.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that Clearing is also a one man musical project, but as long as there is a name that isn’t first and last like John Doe, then I’m inclined to use the plural pronouns.

                Many of the words I used to describe the music of Clearing on “Stride” were somehow singular.  Synth, ambient, bliss, celestial, hymns, drone, pretty, waves, minimalist, triumphant and even “ohm” found their way into my notes.

                It is some sort of strange field recording, such as one that doesn’t take place in a field but rather some place uncertain.  There are also sounds that could be nautical, like a submarine transmission (sonar).   There is a slight hint of video game sounds, but overall this is quite relaxing and the sort of thing one could fairly easily meditate while listening to, which is always an important aspect of time spent well. 

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