Monday, March 24, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Plastic Flowers “Evergreen” (Crash Symbols)

                A lot of the times when I think about music I like to think about movies it could be the soundtrack to, which sort of gives me this idea of when this music could have been made and thus who could have been made by and therefore sounds like.   Plastic Flowers has a dream pop sound that I was familiar with before this cassette release, however the songs themselves sound perfect on tape.

                When it comes to movies, Plastic Flowers have that Pretty in Pink type of vibe going on and, well, that was indeed a time period when cassettes still ruled the world.  Hence, this particular brand of synth wave is ideal to be heard on its native format: cassette.

                There are two guest spots on this cassette:  by Ed Askew and Keep Shelly in Athens, both of whom you should be familiar enough with by now to say, “Whoa, that’s just an even better reason to get this tape!”

                At times, Primitive Radio Gods can come out in these songs, but on the whole Plastic Flowers remains in a class all their own and that class is only exemplified by a cassette player. 

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