Monday, March 24, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Baked “Baked” (Forged Artifacts)

                On the surface of their sound and even at their core, Baked are a garage rock band with elements of surf thrown in for good measure.   This is something that has been heard before, but it is the little intricacies that separate Baked from the rest of the pack.
                The first song has an almost alt-country sound mixed with the garage and then it can also become distorted which reminds me a lot of Local H, which I certainly like.  It can get melodic, have starts and stops and the first side ends its three songs run with a slower Buddy Holly type number.

                What’s interesting then is when the second side starts (Which is only two songs) it becomes more of a spoken word vocals like Nada Surf in that one song everyone knows them for.   It’s got that sort of grunge quality, but then can kick in heavy like Hum and even become somewhat trippy before ending.  The last song picks up the pace a little bit, but not a lot, and reminds me of Superdrag.

                Really, all of the elements are here for some just good old rock music and Baked uses them are perfectly, so there isn’t really anything you can complain about whilst listening to this.  All you can do is pop it out, flip it over and start it again. 

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