Monday, March 24, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: other layers “untitled residue”

                The music of other layers can only really be described by me as being swirls of ambience.  Aside from that idea, there is some sort of beats and some static on the first side, but the second side becomes very quiet and is almost non-existent in ways.

                It is hard to describe that which isn’t there, but rather than leaving much to be desired other layers has a way of letting your imagination run wild.   I like to picture this as the serene setting of being alone in the woods, no one or nothing around for miles and perhaps all you can hear is the light babbling of a brook and a slight breeze.

                At the same time, this sort of void if you will can be rather frightening if you think about it too hard.   Either it recalls the ideas of Bugs Bunny being on an empty background and erased away, which is something that if happened in real life would just be terrifying or it reminds me of Evan Tanner.

                This music should be able to help you relax so long as you don’t over think it, don’t overuse it and only let yourself get taken in as far as you can without getting too deep to the point where there is no coming back. 

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