Thursday, March 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Taiga “The Coriolis Effect” (VCO Recordings)

                This is now my third time hearing Taiga on cassette and despite how much I enjoyed the first two for their unique characteristics; this is perhaps my favorite Taiga work yet.   As with the other pieces, which would often build to something greater, Taiga seems to find a groove on this cassette and just maintain it throughout. 

                “The Coriolis Effect” loses a lot of its ambience and replaces it with the synth beats of Miami Vice that were only used sparingly, such as on “Musike Cassette III”.    Not that there is anything wrong with the other two Taiga cassettes I’ve heard, but this just really seems to be on a whole new level, not just for Taiga as an artist but for this genre on the whole.

                It is also absolutely worth noting that for the first time in however many years since I’ve been listening to modern cassettes, I have finally found one that begins with the three beeps tone that was originally found on a lot of “classic” cassettes and was used (at least I think) as a means to account for volume because back then there were no fancy numbers for volume control.

                If all VCO Recordings cassettes come with those beeps in front of their releases, then they are truly leaps and bounds above us all and not just because of this awesome Taiga music.

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