Thursday, March 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Radiator Hospital / Kyle Kaos “Total Request” split (Already Dead Tapes)

                This is a pretty interesting cassette if only because of the grounds on which it stands.  For one thing, right off the bat, I noticed that between the physical release and the Band Camp site- hell, even the description on the Already Dead- has no real indication as to who is on which side.  That is to say, by everything digital it would appear as if Radiator Hospital was Side A, yet but everything physical it would appear as if Kyle Kaos was # 1.

                Luckily for me, this was not a hard question to answer because I really had never heard Kyle Kaos before now, but have been an existing fan of Radiator Hospital after finding out about them last year or some time through Band Camp.

                The best part of this lo-fi indie rock fuzz pop punk whatever sounding type of music is that these two artists sent song titles to each other and then created the songs based upon the song titles.   It’s kind of funny if only because it is a concept that is just crazy enough to work.

                Both sides of this split are available on each of the artist’s Band Camp sites for a Name Your Price Download, but the way these songs hit you and with the distortion, you need to be listening to this on a cassette, so once again, give all of your monies to Already Dead.

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