Thursday, March 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Ligaments & Squanto split (Lily Tapes & Discs)

                While some may remember the first cassette that I ever reviewed was by Squanto and now here I am, quickly approaching a whopping two hundred different cassette reviews and I am back to Squanto, only this time for a split.  Needless to say, which I have said before about other artists, anyone who continues to release their music on cassette is all right in my book.

                The second side of this cassette is that ambient synth drone of Squanto.  It’s not quite the same sound as I remember from “A Gift & A Favor”, but it is a sound I have grown accustomed to and still enjoy none the less.   In many ways, it reminds me of church organs and how I used to sit through Catholic mass as a child even though I wasn’t Catholic. 

                I particularly remember Squanto as having this acoustic guitar sound, as if being played around a camp fire and for whatever reason I looked up my previous review and confirmed my notions (which how I remember that is beyond me when I sometimes can’t remember what I wrote about the same band from month to month), and this side of the Squanto tape is quite different from that, sure, but I like it just the same.

                On the first side (I started with Squanto because I’ve already heard Squanto before, thus am reviewing the sides backwards) we have Ligaments who I am hearing for the first time.  What begins as only faint noises and possible field recordings quickly turn into funky beats.   When I couldn’t hear anything really happening at first, I was reminded of the Squanto tape I first heard back when, but then as it kicked in through the songs my focus shifted to something different.

                The songs of Ligaments become quite tranquil and have a certain flow to them.  What could have began as a quiet venture into the woods or sitting around a camp fire seemingly erupts into a dance party of sorts and I now envision those once dormant people dancing in a circle around the fire.   These beats are quite complex, have loops and overall just pleasing to the ears.  They begin in the way that I once would have related to Squanto, but end up sounding how Squanto does on this very cassette.

                If that isn’t reason enough for you why Ligaments and Squanto are perfect to share this split together then I don’t know how else to convince you other than to point that Squanto is good, and that has been established here before, and Ligaments is also good.

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