Thursday, March 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Clearing “Distance”

                On my fourth installment of music by Clearing, I am entirely too affected by the title to come up with any ideas of how to compare this with any other type of sound.   But really, considering how many Clearing cassettes I have reviewed now it should be acceptable to say that this sounds like Clearing rather than having to draw out other tired comparisons.

                The first half of this cassette reminds me of distance in the sense of the long distance runner.  I imagine someone running a marathon of sorts, and anyone who knows even the slightest about that knows that it is all about the pacing.   It’s not so much a gradual build, as if going up a hill, but rather it’s slight ups and downs, speeding up slightly then pulling back, then finishing big.   Again, we’re running a long distance not sprinting. 

                Side B brings to mind a different type of distance, and that is in the sense of the space between two objects.   It’s kind of funny when you think about it (and listening to this side really brings out thoughts of it) but distance isn’t really anything but a number.  You could be five inches from something or five miles from something, but there still is something there, in between you.   

              Your friend could live in the same town as you or halfway around the world from you, but that doesn’t make them any less of a friend.   Some scientist somewhere probably said something about distance being relative, but if no one did then someone in the scientific community should give proper credit to Clearing.

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