Thursday, March 27, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Blitzkrieg Baby “Kids’ World EP” (Belaten)

                My best way to describe Blitzkrieg Baby is as a spoken word version of punk rock.  The lyrics aren’t really shouted or screamed at you, but rather spoken in an assertive manner.  It’s not like any other band you’ve heard before because it just has qualities like them but nothing exactly like them.

                The lyrics weave stories of a bleak world, perhaps apocalyptic, perhaps right outside your window.  Children in the army, public masturbation and forced smiles all come into play, but realistically I could quote every single line and still not do them justice.

                At times, these songs are disturbing in the way that “Brick in the Wall” probably scares young children, and at other times it can resemble dark wave and a band such as Policenaut.    Portions of this can be hauntingly instrumental, or they can come out as straight up dark new wave like New Order.

                Regardless of how you describe this, whether you even want to compare this with P.i.L. or not, you need to admit to yourself that what is happening here is special.  This is the dawn of a not too distant future.   This is the new world order.  And you can either embrace it or be embraced by it.

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