Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: L’Avenir “L’Avenir” (Belaten)

                There are a few comparisons that can be made when listening to L’Avenir for the first time, but on the whole this has managed to create its own sound that is just overall perfect for cassette.

                I hear Miami Vice type synth right off and think this will be instrumental, but I am wrong.  It quickly brings out the vocals and comes out with the new wave sound of a darker sense.  It could be Depeche Mode, it could be New Order, but it really isn’t either.  In fact, I might not even say it sounds like those two bands so much as the fact that it would at least be recommended for fans of those bands.

                Some other bands do come out while we jam through these songs.  Some of my noted favorites such as Illegal Wiretaps and Nothing, so I’m immediately in love with this and ready to just blast it and have some sort of dance party with all of my friends (which are non-existent) 

                In my notes, I made the conclusion, which I think is kind of funny but still works for me, that the best way to describe L’Avenir is as a cross between Stabbing Westward and Flock of Seagulls.  That might not look good on paper, or may even look like an insult, but they’re two quality bands in my eyes and somehow when the play button is pressed this just ends up really clicking on every level.

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