Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sympathetic System “box chocolate” (Carbon Records)

                What I feel like I love most about Sympathetic System is that this sounds like something that I should be able to place, to pinpoint to someone who has done this before, yet I simply cannot find the name.  It’s somewhere between Ted Leo, Jay Reatard and GG Allin. 

                This is a one man rock band that primarily sings and plays guitar (Though some other instruments are utilized) and the result is sometimes more of a mess than what you would think of from the aforementioned Ted Leo. 

                These songs were all improvised and recorded in one take, which is something I really like now, so that makes this all the more better for my ears.   There is feedback, distortion and everything nice like that.  The best noted comparisons I could make on some levels were the Nirvana demos on “With the Lights Out” and a Johnny Cash drunk dial.

                Definitely an acquired taste, but certainly a good one to have and, yes, the fact that this is on cassette is the only way to truly experience it. 

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