Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Chillum “Stoned Ape/Further Mutate” (Carbon Records)

                When this tape begins, right from the start, it has a heavy guitar sound to it.  It just cranks the distortion and I absolutely love it.   The notes become a lesson in how to play it loud and annoy your neighbors (Unless your neighbors are cool, but most of mine are square—not really, because I don’t know my neighbors)

                Hints of something from Black Sabbath to Fall Silent come through on the first side, though it remains instrumental and appears to be on what I like to call a hardcore metal loop.   There comes in some background type of screaming on the first side and it reminds me of Liturgy, who are just a completely underrated band.

                Then on the second side, things get a little bit different.   What I felt like (after getting into Side A) was stoner rock on some level, because it was quite mellow and I could see stoners listening to it and, um, you know, the first side is a song called “Stoned Ape”… but then the screaming comes in.

                On the second side, what was once laid back in ways (dude) becomes violent, angry and full of rage.   It’s hard to compare this with someone because it’s still slowed down, so it’s heavy like Converge but not as fast.   There are bands that do this style I’m sure, and Backstabbers Inc. have a new album out so there is a good reference point right there.

                As I imagine this cassette being like a movie, it reminds me of a scene out of “A Clockwork Orange”.  It kind of lures you in on the first side, catches you off your guard and secures you in a false sense of hope.   And then on the second side it begins to brutally murder you and I love it. 

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