Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: SHED “Street Ghost” (Carbon Records)

                What I feel the need to constantly remind myself of, and what SHED helps me to remember on this tape, is that although I can interpret certain noises and sounding like specific things, I assume most of the noises are being made at home rather than, you know, what I think they sound like.

                In laymen terms, things may not be what they appear and they most likely are not.

                On the first side of this tape I feel as if I am getting sucked into a vortex, and rightfully so because I hear a lot of noises that bring up thoughts of Transformers and specifically Megatron.  This is electronic noise, sure, but there are also some drums in these here loops.

                Side B is a different take, as it has a crinkly sense of static while maintaining the noise loops.  To me, the first half of it or so resembles a trip to the drive thru where the speaker may not be of the best quality and generates more noise that is less than audible.   Again, I’m pretty sure the person behind SHED didn’t simply go record outside of an Arby’s, but then again I really have no idea.

                The second half of Side B sounds like a construction site to me, and likewise with everything, no, I don’t think that this was merely recorded while some city employees did road work or created a new park.  It could have been, and I’d believe that over the drive thru speaker part, but it still seems rather unlikely to me.

                Therein lays the genius of this work, and those like it.  Situations present themselves through audio, and yet they are able to mock something which they probably are not.  I enjoy the fact that they can do this, but also I just enjoy interpreting them.   As this is for the ears, in a lot of ways it could be like clouds for the eyes as you can continue to hear different things as you listen to it over and over. 

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