Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Spaghetti Man “Red Desert” (Carbon Records)

                Are you a man who eats a lot of spaghetti or are you made of spaghetti?  Either way, taking a peak into the world of what it might sound like if pasta made music is quite intriguing.    The first side has a ting/ting twang to it that has drops and industrial beats.   This all loops with a dialtone of drone behind it and it makes me think of the most tragic of images.

                Okay, maybe not the most tragic but I wonder why my mind goes where it often goes.  The first side of this tape makes me think of a factory (industrial workers) that has experienced some major tragedy, so they’re all dead, wiped out before they could call for help, and hence the phone is hanging off of the hook.

                The second side is a bit more peaceful, a little less stressful and panic inducing in terms of what it makes me think of or visualize.   It has the quality of The Doppler Effect, in the way that much of the synth is coming through in waves.

                This leads me to a more tranquil setting where I am skipping stones on a pond or lake that I never knew and, well, every time  I tried such fun childhood acts I’ve never been able to quite do them anyway, so this is kind of a fantasy in that sense.

                At least we end on a happy note with the Spaghetti Man, even though I do enjoy the first side of this cassette despite the nightmares which may ensue.   Do I dare listen to this through headphones while I sleep one night?

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