Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sindre Bjerga/Terje Paulsen / Roadside Picnic "Jawed / Flawed" (Carbon Records)

                Despite my initial belief that this was a split, Roadside Picnic is the moniker of someone not the album title and this is a three way collaboration.   What sets this apart from the Freeman / Borden / Cain tape though is that these three artists all come from different countries, where as FBC states that it was recorded when all three guys were together.

                The semantics of this cassette alone puzzle me, but I guess it was left in the hands of a good mixer. 

                The first side of this tape takes us through the elements.  It begins with the sounds of a windy field recording, which is always kind of interesting because I always feel like that’s being replicated in some way I don’t understand rather than just flat out being how the sounds were made.  

                This follows suit into what I can only describe as sounding like rain water or marbles flowing through a gutter and, again, same theory as with the windy field.

                The second side is choppy and sounds like we’re going through a wind tunnel.   It might not make sense at first, but as the piece progresses I can decipher what sounds like the chugging of a choo-choo train and then the idea of being in a tunnel makes sense.

                Perhaps these three musicians met in a field somewhere on a windy day, recorded, and then took a train ride together, recorded and this was the result.  Most likely that is not the case, but hey, it does paint for a nice picture and when you listen to this, yes, your visionary mind does tend to run a little bit wild.


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