Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Freeman / Borden / Cain “Pack Down” (Carbon Records)

                When you think of jazz trios, this is probably not quite what you had in mind.  However, these are three musicians, coming together at the same time on a collaboration and, well, there is a saxophone and other elements that could be described as jazz.

                There are elements of noise in this, more so than something like Sweep the Leg Johnny, so I’m pretty sure that if there isn’t a genre of noise that incorporates jazz then this should somehow create it.    It’s not that they’re bad or can’t play their instruments well; it is just the style in which they are playing them.  They also might be harmful to sensitive ears.

                The flip side has crackling static on it and it sounds like either someone is looking for radon or popcorn is burning, but I’m not sure which is worse because either way you might burn your house down.  It still does make for an interesting experience overall.

                I imagine someone looking at this tape somewhere, thinking about buying it, wondering if it is jazz or not because of the way that the names are it looks like it could be some sort of jazz trio.  In some ways, you would be right, but in a lot of ways you would be very wrong.   In any event though, you would probably like this if you are a fan of noise and just the odd.  

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