Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Milk Boy s/t (Carbon Records)

                Only recently did I listen to an album by Mattress which told me that it was recommended if you like the band Suicide, which lead me to listen to that band and then realize just how many bands were drawing influence from Suicide.   Up until now, I have always been comparing that type of music with certain aspects of Illegal Wiretaps, but hey, apparently it’s all coming out of Suicide and Milk Boy has a lot of that in them too.

                Instrumentally rather than vocally this reminds me of Nirvana on numerous levels, or at least enough so that I can make that comparison on a broad level since most people who listen to music know who Kurt Cobain is.   There are also some White Stripes-like bass lines in here, but this doesn’t really sound like them otherwise.

                As good as this is musically, the vocals are just that much better.  There are damning screams right down to what can only really be described as pleading.   I hesitate to try and sing along because this very much sounds like it is hurting his voice.    In that way I want to use words like “passionate”, but those get so overused they are often equated with the wrong ideas no matter the intention.

                Quite possibly one of the finest cassettes I have ever heard, I enjoy that this brings the old with the new, to sort of play on the past (even to channel the Doors on some small level) and yet carve its own niche of a style.  Something that must be heard by everyone, yes, but the preferred method is definitely cassette. 

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