Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Mike Shiflet “Unfolding” (Carbon Records)

                If you have ever wondered what drone music sounded like, this would be your prime example right here.   The thing is, what most people perhaps misconstrue about drone music is that they think it can just be this single tone the entire time without any change.

                If it changes, doesn’t it then become some other genre of music?  Perhaps, but what this tape best demonstrates is how music can ever so slightly fluctuate, yet seemingly stay the same.   This album gives you the impression that you are in fact listening to a one note song, yet you know that is simply not the case.

                Through slight changes of frequency and levels, “Unfolding” perfectly displays what drone is when executed at its finest.   There are some whirrs of echoes which make for slight ghosts, but this is otherwise one facet on the surface but something so much more underneath. 

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