Monday, March 3, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Stray Theories “Those Who Remain” (Already Dead)

                Occasionally, okay perhaps on more than one occasion, I have been known to compare music with movies, if only because certain sounds I hear in certain evokes a certain visual in my mind that perhaps is somewhat familiar in that regard.

                “Those Who Remain” don’t really bring out a genre of movies, such as say 1980’s movies like Breakfast Club, or even a specific movie per se, but it does have very specific images—very specific movie scenes running through my head.

                I picture a city, any major city really it doesn’t matter though theoretically this is a movie so it is probably most likely a made up city, and in this city there is a lot going on, which is standard for a city.  And then all of a sudden, everything just freezes.  The frame goes completely still in the way that a movie can be paused.

                With the magic of movie making and editing, we then begin to see every fall apart very slowly.  Buildings crumble.  Cars explode.  People… the people.  It’s just pure chaos and destruction.   It is utter and total annihilation.   It is also happening in slow motion.  And it is beautiful. 

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