Monday, March 3, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Expo 70 “Filer à l'anglaise"

                Before I began listening to this tape, I read that the songs on it were improvised.  I fully support the idea of having improvised music, as far as not performing it in concert and re-creating it on that level.  It’s kind of funny when you think about music in that way isn’t it?

                Nearly any other art form you can name doesn’t require repeat performances.   Sure, there is the theater, but not movies.   I could never imagine someone going on a book tour and having to show the crowd how they wrote their latest novel.   You’d hear things like, “Ohh, he’s about to go into the cliffhanger before Chapter 6!!  Get your lighters in the air, people!!”

                Maybe those mediums also aren’t improvised in the sense that movies have many takes and books have drafts (I assume but wouldn’t know because I’m a One Take Wonder) but what about painting?  You can erase things to an extent, but sometimes it’s just improvising.

                No matter what all of those paragraphs might have rambled about, I do like the idea of having a piece of music that is finite in the sense that you say, “Here it is recorded, listen to it” and then don’t attempt to recreate it live. 

                It reminds me of how photographs catch those split seconds in time.

                In any event, this is experimental; electronic to an extent instrumental music but the fact that it’s being made up as it goes is just impressive to me.   There are distorted waves and synth.   It has many of the same characteristics as its fellow genre friends, but there does seem to be a bit more guitar work in here than expected.

                The guitar riffs are actually nice for something that was practiced and recorded over several takes in a studio, so the fact that this was so spontaneous continues to blow my mind. 

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