Friday, March 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Silence Dogood “Sacred and Profane” (Already Dead Tapes)

                Before I even press play on this one, I can see the tape inside the plastic and immediately sense that this is going to be a short burst of something.  I check the info and see that there are four songs on this cassette, which evenly break on each side.   I am kind of feeling this as a maxisingle, since that’s a step above a cassingle and I like that better than just saying “EP”.

                These songs are pretty short and they have an underlying punk rock theme to them at their core.  There are hints of Buddy Holly and even The Benjamins, but I can also hear something closer to that punk pop sound like the band Showoff, who probably no longer exists. 

                I especially enjoy the smooth flow and rhyme of the lyrics, which are delivered through a sort of nasally voice.   The vocals are somewhat distorted as well, which makes me think of this as being a home recording and regardless of whether or not it was made in a studio, it still sounds great to me.

                The last of the four songs sort of slows down and turns into a cross between Weezer and Nada Surf (In the way that “Undone” and “Popular” have similar structures) and this is a cassette that just leaves me begging for more.

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