Friday, March 28, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sebastian Melmoth “In Ruins” (Belaten)

                “In Ruins” begins with an audio clip that sounds to me like a lecture about space and time, and I’m not sure whether or not it was lifted from somewhere or if it is Sebastian Melmoth actually speaking.  It has nice theories, such as how these ideas inside are my ideas and those ideas outside are your ideas.   This has an overall vibe of Stabbing Westward for some reason, with beats on loops, then it quickly brings out elements of Us3 before finally settling down with some singing.

                The singing parts on the first side, as it moves into closer to traditional style songs, are somewhere between The Velvet Underground and David Bowie.  There are also bits of heavily distorted psychedelia, which reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots on some level (Their trippy stuff, not their heavy stuff, obviously)

                Side B begins with more of a funky punk along the lines of the B-52’s and then turns into a Tom Waits sound.   There are some most excellent rock n roll parts in here, so much so that it begins to resemble something like The Rolling Stones only not. 

                I particularly enjoy the lyrics on the second side, as one song has a stalker quality to it about how if he can’t have you no one else can.  My mind, as twisted as all get out, goes to the scene in “Say Anything” with boom box above head and I picture that song playing, the following investigation, trial, conviction, sentencing, etc.

                Though “In Ruins” has some fluctuations throughout, Sebastian Melmoth manages to keep the same underlying rock vibe present and the way that it can be so consistent, yet such a variable has left me rather impressed.  

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